Welcome to Zytex

Zytex is the first Xelis Fork with BlockDAG and Homomorphic Encryption.

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Key Features of Zytex

Explore the standout features of our platform

Scalability and Performance
High Transaction Throughput

Our platform supports a high number of transactions per second, ensuring fast and efficient operations.

Low Latency

Experience minimal delay with our optimized network infrastructure, providing real-time transaction processing.

Robust Security

Rest assured with our advanced security protocols that safeguard your data and transactions, ensuring complete protection and peace of mind.

Security and Privacy
Usability and Accessibility
User-Friendly Wallet

Our wallet application is designed for ease of use, providing a seamless experience for managing assets.

Cross-Platform Support

Access our platform from any device, whether desktop or mobile, ensuring convenience and flexibility.

Comprehensive Support

Benefit from our extensive support resources, including detailed documentation and a dedicated customer service team, to help you navigate and make the most of our platform.

Zytex Tools

All tools you need to easily use blockchain


Understand the economics behind our token

Block Reward Distribution

Name Zytek [ZTX]
Average Block Time 15 seconds
Maximum Supply 18.4 million ZTX
Block Reward Up to ~ 1.46 ZTX
Block Dev Fee 10%
Maximum Block Size 1.25 MB
Minimum Transaction Fees 0.0001 ZTX per kB
Atomic Units 8


Our journey and future plans

Phase 1

  • Blockchain development
  • Web site launch
  • Discord community

Phase 2

  • Explorer development
  • Wallet development
  • Tiers3 CEX

Phase 3

  • Partnerships and Collaborations
  • Smart contracts
  • Tiers2 CEX

Phase 4

  • New Features and Updates
  • Further Ecosystem Development
  • Tiers1 CEX